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September 30, 2013:
If you are ordering seat covers for the holiday season, make sure you get them a couple of weeks in advance. In 2004, a snowstorm caused a massive delay of shipments and people got their covers after Christmas.



Waterproof materials will protect your upholstery, but cloth materials will keep you from blanching the skin off your legs, so go for tweed and velour if you live in hot climates.

Custom Car Seat Covers

Buy Specially Fit Vehicle Covers in multiple fabric styles.

The first thing to know about getting custom car seat covers? You may have a hard time choosing just one! You can pick from waterproof vinyl, neoprene, and plastic materials to have a modern, sturdy look that works in open topped vehicles. You can go for velour patterns that look better than the original upholstery. You can add pockets, get special covers to accommodate side airbags, and get genuine leather.

One of the downsides of custom seat cover design is a time element. In many cases manufacturers will not make the cover until it is ordered. This is because there are not only thousands of potential seat designs, but dozens of colors and materials to choose from. Whether you are going for camouflage or two-tone neoprene, you are going to get a cover that is cut and sewn just for you. Patience is a virtue in the automotive seat cover world, but the results are definitely worth it. For sellers that are looking to save on card processing, good luck.

How are custom seat covers made? First, measurements are taken from newer vehicle seat models, including adjustment knobs and holes for controls. Then, computerized machinery is used to design the most snug-fitting covers possible, no matter what the materials. In many cases the materials are cut by machine, and in some cases machines sew the pieces together. In a few applications, professionals with sewing machines fit pieces together, which is why custom seat covers are more expensive than universal and semi-custom pieces. Custom covers also include headrest and console covers, plus specialized pieces for different styles of seat like 60/40 or 40/20/40 seats, in addition to plain bucket seats.

Finally, you must keep in mind that these covers are going to be pretty snug. Because they are custom-fit, you will need to put a little work into the installation process. These covers fit tighter than a glove, so you don’t have the usual baggy folds that you may get from semi-custom and universal seat covers. The end result is worth the hassle, as some of our higher-end covers are bought by luxury car resellers because they know that a new cover can make the whole car sellable.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Always get a quote from multiple car seat cover specialists. Prices may vary based on a number of factors. Online comparison shopping often helps you find free shipping and handling charge promotions, and many sources can even match prices.